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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


THAT’S RIGHT GUYS !! I’m a young lady full of TALENTS. And they’re NOT ALL “braid-related” either. I will also put up photos of wigs that i make from scratch. They are BOTH hand-made and custom-made. I would of made a “wig boss” site, but i will just FUSE this wig-making talent with my hair braiding talent – ya dig? OK!!

anyway, i usually use small or large stocking caps from the beauty supply/hair store, or i either use the adjustable wig cap (i will post a pic soon so that you have an idea of what it looks like), and a pack or two of hair weft/sew in weave. I have to say that sometimes we ladies have to put on one of these ESPECIALLY when we don’t have to to set up an appointment and have our hair done by a hairdresser/hair stylist. So a WIG is the perfect choice! Plus it also works for ANY special events.

I will be offering my WIG-MAKING services. Contact me for a rate on how much i charge. I do ANY LENGTH AND ANY STYLE. The ONLY effort you need to make is to bring the hair, and a small or large stocking cap – unless you prefer an ADJUSTABLE WIG CAP. When I start the wig making process, i will first need to put the stocking cap (small or large) or the adjustable wig cap on your head to measure up to the size and circumference of your head. Then you will need to tell me whether you would like me to add the hair weft/tracks to the stocking cap/wig cap while it’s on YOUR HEAD, or to take it off your head and add the hair to it on a mannequin head. It’s all up to you.

Sorry for being long-winded, but here’s the part you probably wanted to get to in the FIRST PLACE. Contact me if you are interested in having a hand-made and custom-made wig MADE JUST FOR YOU!!!


P.S: I will also be offering any fresh wigs i make from hair i bought at the hair store for sale on It will come in handy for you guys that can’t always pay with CASH. But for now, I can only take CASH for my BRAIDING SERVICES and also my WIG MAKING (custom/handmade) SERVICES

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